Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Are Old Jewish Hippies All Crazy?

txrad and I just had an interesting conversation out on the Deck of Smokes.

I was talking about an account manager (ex-Jew, ex-Hippie, (well, sorta)) who is on vacation and I was thankful. She's crazy as shit.

And then I mentioned that this person reminded me of our boss at the jobbie last year. A Jew, maybe practicing, ex-Hippie (well, sorta) maybe practicing.

Then txrad proceeds to go on a rant about how she would send him confusing and convoluted email requests which ALWAYS resulted in the need to ask for clarification. And SHE'S crazy as shit.

Same here.

And I had a boss back several years ago with whom I am still friends. And she was Jewish (ex- sort of), and a Hippie, and cool as shit.

I left the position at that company five years ago to which I have now returned, and feeling a bit like an ex-non-Jew and a Hippie... not Ex-.

And I'M crazy as shit. It's all work-related.

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