Thursday, December 11, 2008

Message to GM: File For Bankruptcy. I Dare Ya.

It's funny how the last two election cycles have been all about the gains of Democrats and yet Republicans still seem to have control. The auto industry bailout may be dead.
The prospects of a $14 billion government rescue of the American auto industry seemed to vaporize Thursday morning as the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, spoke out forcefully against the bill, effectively dooming its chances despite the urgings of the White House.

Gee, only $14 billion? That's only $5 billion more than what we'd spend to continue production of those unnecessary F-22s I caught hell for trying to kill off yesterday.

I have differing degrees of disgust with bailouts, even when they might be necessary, or worth the risk. The banking industry? That pissed me off. The auto industry? I'm wishy-washy. I'd be strongly in support if there were an ironclad guarantee the bailout money would be used to completely restructure the industry, and not just maintain the status quo for another year. Still not thrilled with bailouts, but if the doom & gloom predictions by some are correct, this could get ugly and we'd find out pretty quick. And maybe the Republicans have taken us a step closer to finding out for sure.
“A lot of struggling Americans are wondering where their bailout is,” Mr. McConnell declared.

Yeah, Mr. McConnell, where is it?

If I wasn't just taking a quick break from work to post this, I'd do some research and find out how many times Mr. McConnell has voted against increases in the minimum wage, and other support for those struggling.

If any readers have data, drop it in the comments. (Kelly might be able to pull that number off the top of her head.)

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