Friday, December 05, 2008

Demolition Day 3: Party Time

I could have bought a dilapidated old tear-down foreclosure in a bad area of Detroit or Cleveland for what these floors cost, but damn, I'm not in need of a 2nd vacation home yet, and I was really tired of brown tile in the foyer, concrete floors in the den, and ratty old 80s vinyl (no, not my Motley Crüe album) in the kitchen.

Yee haa! This was worth 3 days of hell, most of which I spent at my desk shutting out all the noise, and enough Spanish radio to last me... oh, maybe three days.

Welcome to our home.

Continue on to the den...

Oops. Don't forget to take a look at the medallion which I never thought I'd want in my house until the contractor brought it by. It fits the theme.

And finally, the kitchen. Way better. Pardon the messy countertops but we haven't exactly had time to clean. In fact, I just snapped all these pictures before the guys have even left yet (it's 8:19 PM!!) and we're waiting on grout to dry.

Money well spent and invested, in my opinion. Way better than losing it in the stock market.

Note: The Virtual Outhouse will appear Saturday night due to delayed schedules on my part. Sorry, I'm not God.

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