Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolution

Stop cussin' and drinkin' -- just kidding. Although I have been cussin' a mile a minute tonight and txrad says if I don't stop it, I'm not getting my dinner. And since he's making it, and it's lucky food, I need to bite my tongue.

Black-eyed peas with cumin, coriander, pasilla power, and smoked paprika being added.

But damn it all to hell what a way to end a year. I was supposed to get off work at noon today. I didn't even shampoo my hair yesterday because I was planning to do that this morning and then go out, eat lunch and run errands today. No such luck. I finally finished up a bit after 4:30 this afternoon, and then had to load a couple of new ink tanks in the Canon printer which sucks those dry like an Elko whore in August.

I never did get to Walgreens to pick up some digital photos of the new floors I sent over last weekend and forgot to pick up which I had planned to send to my mother on Monday so she'd have them today along with 2 pounds of locally roasted coffee which I also never had time to buy, and even if I had I probably wouldn't have had time to go mail it.

And just before I went to take my shower late this afternoon I eyeballed the cat litter boxes and meant to clean those before I showered but something distracted me and I noticed them again after I showered. I won't clean cat litter after I've showered. I also noticed a lot of framed photos and ticky tacky still sitting on the sofa in the den after we cleared the mantle for the new framed pastel which I wanted to put away and that pissed me off because there's no place to put anything that doesn't already have a lot of clutter present.

My Zen music player which has sat idle for several months is not recharging even though I only got it less than 2 years ago and it's hardly been used at all. So apparently all the time I spent loading thousands of songs was time wasted.

Last weekend I wanted to do a run-through with Turbo Tax to see if it's worth paying my property taxes in 2008 vs. 2009 for a bigger tax refund is now apparently a moot point since 2009 is less than 6 hours away.

All this aggravation sent me out on the patio for a smoke only to have that disrupted by the fucking asshole methamphetamine junkies behind us blasting heavy metal and shooting off fireworks during a drought.

One car is about to be 5 months past due on the required safety inspection while the other car is about 5,000 miles past the recommended maintenance.

I meant to visit a dentist in December under my insurance plan which expires today before my new insurance kicks in tomorrow just in case there's major work to be done. That didn't happen, nor did my planned visit to get my hair cut between Labor Day and Halloween. I haven't even had time to go to the bank to deposit checks which have been piling up since mid-December.

One of my vendors from work sent me a box of gift wrapping supplies in early December which I intended to give to someone who celebrates the holidays and actually gives gifts and that's still here, now safely in storage for another 11 months or so. I also have a huge box of candy cluttering up my kitchen which I need to give away so someone else can rot their teeth on it -- ideally someone who has time to visit a dentist.

Now, for goddamned fucking Jesus Horatio Christ's sake, did I leave any fucking shit out? At least a cat hasn't vomited today. Yet.

Back to the resolutions for 2009:

Will I stop cussin'? Hell no.
Will I stop drinkin'? Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?
Will I stop smokin'? Depends on what's being smoked. If it's illegal, hell fuckin' no.

But I clearly do need to reduce clutter in my life, improve my organizational techniques, and strive for minimalism. Less ticky-tacky. One thing I fucking hate is shit my mother gives me that was hers because SHE wanted to de-clutter and now I have it and feel guilty for getting rid of it because it was hers.

New motto: if it can serve a function, give it one or get rid of it. So various bowls and vases will be put to use or given to someone who will use it via Goodwill.

And can we please pass a law that whenever a major holiday like Christmas and New Year fall on a Tuesday or a Thursday, we get a four-day weekend? This bullshit of having to work on Friday is fucked.

Speaking of which, Happy New Year!

May 2009 be a shitload better than 2001-2008. Please.

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