Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christianity Running Rampant

txrad, who has been unemployed now for 13 months, saw a job posted he really wanted to do. It involved feeding raw foods to people trying to cleanse themselves. Christians specifically.

Raw food for Christians. Is anyone else allowed to cleanse?

txrad told me tonight that he didn't apply because of a faith statement about The One which was required.

I said, "fuck, that's easy."

I continued, "Well, just say He (the One -- not Keanu) would have been appalled about Guantanamo Bay, waterboarding, the war in Iraq, and any number of other things, and see where that gets you."

If they are really Christian and they are trying to heal, they won't hold it against you that you aren't a Christian and that you are more Christ-like than 90% of Christians.

We just won't say that part. And maybe you won't get to serve raw food for cleansing to anyone except yourself.

Go for it. Nothing to lose reallly.

There's gotta be a raw-food vegan atheist joint around here somewhere that's hiring queers.

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