Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fearing the Gender Police

RachelPhilPa has a deeply moving and personal post up at Shakesville describing her daily anxieties as a trans person. It goes without saying that even those of us who have made efforts to educate ourselves will forever be challenged to completely understand the hardships and the harassment they face from people who don't have a clue, and don't wish to learn -- the ones who live happily in their ignorance and bigotry.

And while Rachel writes so beautifully on the subject, it is the subject itself which is so disturbing and mindboggling. While I can certainly understand the policephobia (there's probably a term for that) since I tend to have it, I am certain few of us are ever reminded of a major source of trans anxiety each and every time we use a public restroom.

I think her idea of maintaining a "harassment log" on her blog is one of the best ideas I've heard all year.

Go forth and read. Because life is way more complex than this:

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