Friday, December 21, 2007

Schmuckabee Quotes

Huck is in Iowa busily reminding everyone about Christ. Here's a few jewels for your reading pleasure.

“I know this is probably a very controversial thing, but may I say to you, Merry Christmas!”


“What’s wrong with our country, what is wrong with our culture, is that you can’t say the name Jesus Christ without people going completely berserk.”


“Wait till all these aging hippies find out they’ll get free drugs for the rest of their lives.”

Imagine, if you will, what life in the USA might be like in 2012 after four years of a Huckabee administration. That's enough to get people going "completely berserk."

And Huck, I can't speak for all aging hippies, but unless you are planning to legalize the growing of marijuana, your humor doesn't mean much to me. I'm really not interested in free pharmaceuticals.

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