Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gay Civil Unions Advancing... Elsewhere

Hungary took a step in the direction of marriage equality, and so did Uruguay.

Neither law is perfect, but far ahead of the United States as a whole. In Uruguay:
Under the new law, gay and straight couples will be eligible to form civil unions after living together for five years. They will have rights similar to those granted to married couples on such matters as inheritance, pensions and child custody.

And in Hungary:
Registered couples will have the same rights as married heterosexual couples in inheritance, taxation and other financial matters.

But they will not be allowed to adopt children, unlike married couples.

Again, not perfect, but moving in the right direction. Put in a slightly different context, it was actually a crime for txrad and I to have sex in our own home in Texas until Lawrence v. Texas was overturned less than five years ago.

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