Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Best Blog Post Of 2007

No, this isn't it.

Jon Swift is surveying bloggers to assemble a collection of their best posts of the year and has asked me to participate.

I'm stumped. Help!

It hasn't really been a productive year for me with the job workload and then subsequent anxiety about losing the job for the past 4 months. I've just scanned through my monthly archives for 2007 and found a few that I like, but I have no idea how to define my "best."

Do I go with personal stories like Meet the Grandparents or one of my rants against stupidity with Press 1 for ignorant bigotry?

Marketing Meat was a fun one. America's Culture of Death was far more serious.

Our oil dependency comes up frequently, as does our wasteful spending, which was the only post of mine linked from Crooks & Liars this year. That carries some weight.

Size Does Matter and my recent rambling obituary to a street musician I knew from Arkansas.

If you have another favorite you think I should select, feel free to drop a comment. You search this blog by putting in any key words you remember in the Blogger search box at the top of this blog. Typing in "lizard" for instance will take you to the Lizard in my pants post.

There were other posts that I feel were worthy. Unfortunately, a lot of them link to outside sources of news and the links no longer work, so I'm excluding those from consideration.

I'm actually very fond of "Size Does Matter" but I am having trouble deciding.

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