Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Our wireless contracts are up this month so we're eligible to replace our phones for free -- well, close to free. I've been having issues with my battery staying charged for more than 24 hours so I'm eager to get the new phone.

I'm also adding my mother onto our plan. She's never had a cellphone and since she's approaching her mid-80s and still drives, this will give her some added peace of mind. She's getting a blue one.

My old one is silver and I'm going for black this time. txrad had a black one and he going for this now:

We are soooo gay. And we do like to challenge the silly antiquated correlation between gender and certain colors. Real men can like pink. It's OK. Besides, he'll look very sexy using this phone while wearing his new glasses with the very dark blue frames. And he seems to have determined that those are also women's frames as well.

Mercy, what is the world coming to. We queers cannot stay within our designated confines.

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