Sunday, December 30, 2007

This Road Leads To Life

For 18 years of my life, this was the only way out. It was the road I would travel to school, to get groceries, visit friends, have my teeth cleaned, or go to the library. It was the road to Little Rock, Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Austin. It was the road to the world. This road has lead to pleasure and pain, sorrow and joy, proud accomplishments and colossal mistakes.

2008 will mark 30 years since I journeyed down this road, leaving behind one life to go in search of where I am right now. And in a few days, I will travel back to this road, and stand in this exact spot. I will stare at this road through the same eyes I had as a child and marvel at where this road leads. I will embrace each gentle breeze and absorb the silence. I will feel no pleasure and no pain. I will have no joy or sorrow. I will feel no pride or shame. For a few moments, I will unplug and disconnect. When I am done, I will leave nothing behind nor will I take anything away except for a clear understanding of my own personal concept of Ground Zero.

Then I will start my engine, shift into drive, and travel this road again, slowly, wondering where it will lead next.

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