Friday, December 21, 2007

kona's Huggy Feely Squishy Moment

This blog will never be any one's source for news or political commentary. I throw up (pun intended) news that yanks my chain, put in my two-cents worth, and move on. I mainly just try to have fun here and be more entertaining than anything else. And vent.

So I wanted to take a brief moment to thank ALL of the visitors who come here intentionally, or stumble across it, from time to time. It certainly wouldn't be quite as much fun -- nor would I take it quite so seriously if I was getting 10-15 visitors daily.

My SiteMeter took a rather nasty spill this year when I started working full-time out of the house. My visitor counts dwindled and finally settled in around 50 per day -- and that's not bad. After getting nominated for the Best of the Rest 8751+ in November, the number of visitors started to increase dramatically, the same as last year when this blog was nominated for Best New Blog. Only this year, there has not yet been a drop in daily visitors after the fact.

In the TTLB Ecosystem, I've been hovering near, and occasionally in, the Slithering Reptiles category, and then slipping back to the Crawly Amphibians. If nothing else, I prefer to be out of the water, and slithering rather than crawling. Unless I'm a crawling king snake. That's acceptable.

At the time I'm writing this, my ranking is #8845. Prior to and during the Weblog Awards, I was in the 10,500-12,000 range. So I'm proud of what I have done. And I'm proud that visitors still come here, for whatever reason. And my daily visitor counts have remained fairly steady at around 150. That's a huge jump from 50!

So, I just wanted to thank you all, and invite you to delurk and say hi. Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Let 2008 rock out loud.

And now this slithering reptile would like to play some music. Jim, on his deathbed.

And John Lee Hooker, laying it down.

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