Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finish The Thought Meme

Toast tagged me for this one. And any thoughts in italics were left intact from Toast's meme because they apply to me. This is one of the better memes to cross my path in a long time.

I Never... give up on anything - stop wondering what's next in life - can keep a New Year's resolution - enjoy watching animal documentaries when the animals are stalking and killing other animals - stop thinking about sex - throw up after drinking too much - could have a relationship with an evangelical Republican - can untangle wires, string, or chains without saying "fuck" - intentionally kill anything - can take a cat to the vet without stressing out.

I Rarely... remember eating dinner the previous night if I drank too much - remember what I might have commented on a blog the previous night if I drank too much - remember what I might have posted on my own blog the previous night if I drank too much - have a truly evil thought - enjoy a cold cloudy day - wake up feeling REALLY hung-over - read the instructions - get ill with a fever - trust a weather forecast - leave town - attend funerals - floss - have a genuine out-loud laugh - eat sweets - have indigestion - answer the phone when it rings - stay up past 11:00 PM - sleep past 6:30 AM.

I Cry... when a cat dies - during certain films - listening to certain music - thinking about what the fucking Taliban did to the Buddha statues.

I Am Not Always... Sober enough to function - a joy to be around - able to shut my brain off - in the mood to talk to people - pleasant to be around when out in holiday shopping-related traffic.

I Lose... My mind whenever anything goes wrong with my computer - small things I rarely use - at gambling - at strip poker, on purpose - according to txrad when we argue about anything.

I'm Confused... by the 20% of Americans who think Bush is doing a great job - by Democrats who can't grow a pair - when trying to comprehend infinity - for at least 3 days after switching to or from daylight savings time.

I Miss... having high-quality, high potency pot - the Wheatberry restaurant in Little Rock - being young - flying pre-9/11 - living at the end of the road - Samantha and Jezebel - my grandmother - my farm house - my Celestion SL-600 loudspeakers - every opportunity.

I Need... A politician I can believe in - to stop procrastinating - a job - $200,000 - a garden in the ground - to not have a mortgage - the Dish Network HD package - stability in my life - a haircut - bifocals - to take a bunch of stuff to a charity - thicker skin - patience.

I Should... become fluent in Spanish - floss - call a lawyer - sue someone - move - adjust my lifestyle to enable us to live on $30,000 a year or less - exercise - drink less - stop sucking on cancer sticks - either watch the friggin' Netflix films I have or send them back and cancel it - tell American Express to go fuck themselves.

I Love... txrad - technology - blogging - architecture - art - music - photography - tequila - good beer - Tater Tot - all my cats - organizing things - minimalism - marijuana - instant karma - maps - orgasms - sexual fantasies - being warm - when Republicans get caught with their pants down - Indian food - Mexican food - Italian food - most liberals - cheese - pickles - New Mexico - mountains - the sound of the ocean - cacti.

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