Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Christ on a Cheez-It®

If you were watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann's story about the woman who found a Jesus figure on a cross in a bag on cheese snacks and named it Cheesus, to much laughter in the studio, well... that was not terribly original. At least not the name.

Coming soon: The Gouda Buddha! I'm waiting to scarf that puppy down!

But a Mount Rushmore Cheez-It® has some bragging rights!

Is that really Mount Rushmore or a cheese sculpture of the band Deep Purple circa 2005? It could be circa 1970 except for that receding hairline guy in front. Let's see. ... Who would that be in the band?

This all makes me rather happy I have a real job.

Just remember: Jesus Loves You. And He doesn't vote.