Thursday, July 10, 2008

Three Days and a Graceful Exit

I found out today the HR person doing my exit interview is off Thursday & Friday next week so my exit is around 10am Wednesday morning. And after the week I've had I can't say I'm sorry. What's worse than being pressured to juggle several projects at once, all of them urgent, and then be hit with some special request thing with an unreasonable deadline only to have them turn it back to you when you're done and say the classic words, "oh this isn't what we wanted. We weren't sure we were asking for the right thing until we saw the finished document, now we want THIS."

And "this" happens to be not only completely different from what you did, but growing in size exponentially.

Aside from that, I'm feeling a bit like someone in charge of delivering a pretty basic chocolate cake, and being assigned a fleet of people to be in charge of every ingredient in the recipe.

kona: "I am ready for the flour. Where's my flour coordinator?"

sugar coordinator: "Oh she's in a meeting with the icing manager."

kona: "Well, I can get the flour myself."

Senior Director of Cake Management: "No, we don't want you handling or measuring. That's the flour coordinator's job."

In comes the flour coordinator.

flour coordinator: "My measuring cups have disappeared."

kona: "You can use mine."

flour coordinator: "No, I'm not allowed to use yours. Let me go see if I can track down mine."

kona: "Sigh. This would happen so much easier and faster if I was just making the fucking cake myself."

Have I made it clear yet how frustrating this week has been?

So I'll be walking out before noon on Wednesday, and probably start setting up the equipment at home for my new job Wednesday afternoon and start my new position on Thursday. If I don't blow a fuse between now and then.

At one point this afternoon I would have been happy to go stretch out on the railroad track with a bottle of tequila and wait for a speeding freight to put me out of my misery.

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