Friday, July 04, 2008

This is why we don't get invited to parties

At the last one we met up with a former work colleague and his wife and their two adorable children.

There was a point in the conversation where txrad said, "I have a personal question."

That was when I should have turned on the camcorder.

He asked the woman if women are able to voluntarily release the milk when breastfeeding.

I thought it was a good question although it surprised me.

Tonight he told me he was inspired to ask the question because in his upbringing on the farm in North Dakota he would milk cows and they were sometimes dripping when it was time to milk. Like they were on a certain cycle.

He was embarrassed to bring that aspect into the equation because he didn't want to equate women with cows. To which I replied, "we're all part of the animal kingdom."

Long may it reign. The animal kingdom ROCKS!

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