Friday, July 25, 2008

Live Theatre is Inefficient

I am about to make a lot of enemies if txrad's reaction to my comment is any indication.

We were talking about Mamma Mia being made into a movie. We saw the stage performance and were not THAT impressed. Then I said, "Well, a film version could be better because you get quality actors and you have the control and perfection of editing."

I continued by saying I have little use for stage productions involving live actors because I feel it's inefficient. You have live humans doing something night after night, with inevitable variations in quality, when you could make a film and control the quality via multiple takes and editing.

txrad was hyperventilating with anger. He was Conrad Birdie in a production back in college or high school or something, and he loves the live performance. And he was in Kiss Me Kate in college.

I will stand by my claim that it's still inefficient. Everyone can have an off-performance. Not every show is equal. There's potential for huge fuck ups and who wants to pay money to see that?

I feel the same way about live (recorded live) recordings. Yes, those are a bit more controlled because they can pick and choose what to include on a recording, but I still prefer NOT hearing the roar of the crowd. I love the controlled meticulous studio productions to guarantee quality, or in some cases what they perceive to be quality -- let the buyers beware judge for themselves.

Anyway, txrad said, "you haven't done any theatre work."

I said, "Yes I have; I did some when I was taking a theatre class in college, and it's not efficient."

So, we are at an impasse. I like to spend my money on something solid. Guaranteed.

If I'm going to be exposed to possible gaffes and/or other huge fuck-ups, I don't really want to spend money until after the fact, much like tipping a waitron.

Am I wrong?



I went to tell txrad about this post and our discussion went as follows:

txrad: Did you tell them that we got free tickets and we didn't actually pay for them?

konagod: No, I didn't.

txrad: Because I never would have paid to see that show.

konagod: You just proved my point! Whooooo hooooo.

txrad went storming into the house. I don't get it.

But damn, it sure feels good to be right.

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