Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun With Job Titles

There was a meeting at work this week in which an announcement was made about several people in upper management getting increased responsibilities (as well as keeping their current responsibilities) and getting longer job titles. And probably heftier salaries.

So there were a few of us laughing about this and making up our own job titles which went something like this:

Senior VP of After-Hours Community Affairs and Outreach

Then I came up with one of my own:

Senior VP of Premium Libations Development & Testing

I could sit and do this all day. I think a number of us just needed a humorous creative outlet after an insanely wild and exhausting week.

Question of the Day: What would you like to have for a job title if you could make up your own?

Oh, and one rule: If you incorporate the word "coordinator" or "assistant" into your job title, you're a loser.

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