Monday, July 07, 2008

Lordy Mama, Light My Fuse

I am not going into all the details on this blog. If you want the scoop, email me and I'll send you the stock footage.

But I'm making the switch.

I was getting messages to that effect in each song I heard on the radio to and from work today.

And when I emailed my soon-to-be employer tonight I said, "let's rock & roll."

Then I went to watch "Redneck Weddings" on CMT and I heard a redneck say, "Rock & roll."

Those coincidences cannot be ignored.

Rock & roll hoochie coo. I just hope my decision proves to be far better than this video.

In fact, I'm hoping to up my start date to 7/14. Bastille Day. It has some symbolism for me. I'm not going into that now either.

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