Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Water Conservation Part 1

I'm going to be conducting a test to see how much I can reduce our monthly water consumption. Between June 11 and July 14 we consumed 3,400 gallons of water. Our water bill is only $10.61 for that amount so it's not as as though this is a high priority from a financial standpoint. I just know we waste a lot of water.

I'd like to keep a large bucket near the shower and use that to capture the water I waste while waiting on the warm water to make its way from the water heater at the other end of the house. That could be used for watering plants. I'd probably need several buckets though and that's not going to make a huge dent in that 3,400 gallons per month.

Another step I've already taken is to shut the water flow down to a trickle while I'm showering, shampooing, lathering up, and scrubbing. I suspect over the course of a month that should make some impact given the amount of time I spend tending to my mane.

We shall see. I should have data available around the 3rd week of August.

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