Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Say No to the Short Suit

There were many things in the New York Times which caught my attention this morning. So let's start with the United Nations turning up the thermostat to a sultry 77 degrees. Oh, the horror.

If my office was 77 I'd probably be having chills. Of course, I'm not wearing a stupid suit.
To help speed the transition, “there is going to a be a relaxing of the dress protocols,” said Mr. Adlerstein, which in nondiplomatic terms means he jettisoned his coat and tie for the news conference. There are serious doubts that will fly.

“People walking around without jackets on are not taken seriously” said one man from an organization that promotes renewable energy. “You have to follow protocol.”

What if Mr. Ban sets the example by removing his own tie, as his office said he would?

“Then the protocol will change,” the man said.

Screw "the man." And screw this insane "protocol." Who gives a rat's ass? Maybe they should actually get some work done instead of following protocol.

What's more important, superficial protocol or significantly reducing your carbon footprint and saving a hundred grand?
The building’s carbon dioxide emissions are expected to drop by an estimated 300 tons, and costs are expected to decrease by $100,000, according to Michael Adlerstein, who announced the experiment on Wednesday and who will oversee building renovations. He said savings could reach $1 million annually if the United Nations mandated temperature changes year round.

It's no secret that I despise dress codes, and business suits do not elevate a person's professional stature in my opinion. But I would never advocate a trend toward the "short suit." This is just bad on so many levels. This isn't even casual; it's like a casual Friday anxiety dream. What are they thinking and who is coming up with these ridiculous trends?

This outlandish pervsion gets worse...


Make it stop. NO black socks!!

Not (what? A typo in the New York Times??) a few designers are pushing men to expose more of the bodies that they have spent so much time perfecting at the gym. “We have all these self-imposed restrictions” about our dress, said Ben Clawson, the sales director for the designer Michael Bastian. “As men’s wear continues to evolve and becomes a little more casual without becoming grungy, it’s not impossible anymore to be dressed up in shorts.”

You, Mr. Clawson, need your head examined.

But if people want to look stupid and follow your lead, that's their business. But I will say this: there is no greater abomination on the planet than the contrast of a business suit from the waist up, and ugly shorts from the waist down.

Case closed.

I'm thinking I need to add a "bad taste" post label.

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