Thursday, August 14, 2008

Equal Rights Skindex

"You've Come a Long Way, Baby."

Remember that ad campaign back in the 70s for a cigarette brand? Never mind that it was still sexist for using "baby" to describe liberated women.

We really haven't progressed very far since then.

Case in point: The Nipple

No real biggie. Just two guys hanging.

Magazine cover? No problem. Just two guys in a sports pose.

Well, it's a swimming competition at the Olympics.Those white speedos are kinda tight but I ain't seeing no huge package.

Are you looking at the male nipples or the timepiece sponsorship placement?


Phelps! My God, what a torso. Nice nips!

Uh oh. What the fuck? Tuck it in you hussy. What is this, a circus? The photo was removed from a gallery after a short duration. Someone apparently overlooked the fact that a woman was exposing her... {gasp}.. BREAST! Oh, I'm sure it was just an accident. That makes it funny.

Kinda reminds me of this Super Bowl Bullshit. Get on "family tv" for 9/10s of a second and try this shit and you end up with a $500,000 fine from the Federales. (Yes, I know it's been overturned but still....)

Chil'ren might be watching. We must protect the chil'ren from the evil female nipples.

Please note: None of the pictures in this post are meant to be funny. They are all equal. One is not funnier than the other. As long as we continue to stigmatize the female breast and "outlaw" it, the humor will continue.

That being said, we can still laugh about nipples. But let's level the playing field and find humor in our attraction to them as opposed to their mere appearance based upon the obscenity factor of the person's sex who happens to be showing a little.

The human body may be funny, but it's not obscene.