Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The VP

I'm getting rather annoyed lately with stupid polls and the discussion of Obama's VP slot which could get picked as early as Wednesday or as late as Saturday, depending on whom you believe.

I'm adding an Obama label to my post because I'm optimistic about the November elections.

Among the Big Three, who would you like to see picked?

  • Delaware Senator Joe Biden, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee
  • Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine
  • Indiana Senator Evan Bayh

I'm not saying this is my favorite, because honestly I'm not going to be shaking my pom-poms at any of them, but I'm picking Joe Biden as my guess.

And that would be a relief, because I'm tired of the electoral college and the numbers game being a factor in who gets picked vs. who would be the best VP.

It's all about who can carry a swing state these days. Indiana and Virginia are certainly in the category. I'm not sure anyone is going to be assessing the impact of Deleware on the electoral college vote. That choice would be made for other reasons: balancing out the fact that there's a huge difference in poll results on the question of who is best experienced to lead the nation.

Experience doesn't count for shit in my opinion. It's what they are going to do to the nation with that experience that concerns me.

So, I'd like to offer up my own poll.

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