Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Heart Cookware

It's always fun when a delivery truck arrives with a box. And nothing makes me happier than fine professional cookware. We love the Scanpan line: they are heavy-duty and high quality.

A few years ago I ordered a set and it included a free nonstick fry-pan. We weren't sure we'd use it but it came in real handy for stir-frying the toppings for pizza. It wasn't supposed to ever chip or flake but it did. Back in mid-July I decided to order a replacement. They make them now with a "Greentek" protective coating without PFOA.

It's never a good idea to allow me to get on the inner tubes to order something like this because I ALWAYS find something else to add to the order and some good excuses to back up my decision. In this case it was free shipping over x amount and a discount over x amount.

The order was delayed because the warehouse was moving from the east coast to the west coast. But the box arrived today.

They made a few interesting changes in the designs since we last ordered. This is pretty cool. The name is reflected onto the lid from under the handle.

Here's the rest of the haul. The lid above fits the steamer which has staggered grooves on it to fit several sizes of our sauce pans. I really love the copper color on the little sauce pan. It's smaller than any in the set we bought but a small saucepan comes in handy sometimes.

Lastly, the fry-pan. The old one had a plastic handle. I like the professional look of this one with the steel handle.

What's funny is that when we ordered our set a few years back, I ordered a steamer. It was damaged so I had to send it back to be replaced. What they replaced it with was not a steamer but a double boiler. I never bothered to send that back even though I don't think we've ever used it. I figured since I was ordering a skillet, I might as well go ahead and get the steamer... finally.

And then that saucepan caught my eye. Must.... have... it.

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