Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's a Good Thing I Didn't Encounter a Salt Vampire Today

The M-113 creature would have feasted happily on me for a week after we dined at Taco Cabana today.

This is normally a decent place to grab a cheap fast meal. We got two black bean burritos with two sides of chips and one drink which we share for $7.09 and under normal circumstances it's very satisfying.

Normal circumstances were not to be found today at the store located at Mopac Expressway and William Cannon. Even on the best of days my resident fast food critic finds plenty to complain about -- sluggish staff or whatever. Today was absurd. When my order was ready I noticed there was only one burrito on the tray so I had to wait on the person to prepare another. While I was waiting she put out an order for the next guy and she had doubled his order -- 2 of everything when he only ordered one. Then later I saw someone else return something which had been delivered incorrectly.

The tortilla machine was tossing tortillas on the floor in the kitchen. The salsa buffet was a mess. The floor was littered with trash. And by now it was a bit after 12:00 and a hungry line of people were waiting to place their orders. Management, if they have any, never did send a 2nd cashier to the front to speed up the flow.

Our burritos were mostly salt with bean essence. I couldn't even finish eating mine.

As we were leaving we noticed the trash bin was crammed full and another one near the entrance was literally OVERFLOWING with trash. Given the fact that the lunch rush was just starting, it was obvious no one emptied them last night.

Gee, if that's how they take care of the dining area in full view of the public, one has to wonder about the condition of the kitchen.

I shall not be returning to that location. Bleaaahhh.

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