Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joe Just Emailed Me

And I thought, "uh-oh, he read my blog." This is not so far fetched. Back when I was a teen I wrote a rather scathing letter to the editor about a senator in Arkansas (he was appointed, not elected, to fill out the rest of a term) and I insinuated he must have been bribed somehow for a vote he cast. I won't go into details because this was back when I was a hardcore Republican and thus, a pretty stupid 16 or 17-year-old.

Lo and behold, the phone rang on our farm one evening. My mother answered and then passed the phone to me. "It's [the senator]," she said.

My heart jumped into my throat. I don't remember most of the conversation but he was trying to figure out what the hell would put such thoughts into a teen-age head and how could I make such accusations. But I didn't let him intimidate me. And I stood my ground because at the time, I believed I was right on the issue.

I was dead wrong on that one.

That, my friends, in no way diminishes the fact that senators and representatives are facing such "bribes" on a daily basis from corporate lobbyists pushing their agendas. But I digress.

The email from Joe was simply to pass along this video, and to say "I'd like to thank you for the warm welcome I've received as the newest member of this campaign."

Obviously, he didn't read my blog.

In the name of unity (and hopefully the obliteration of the McCain/Whatever ticket), I'll pass it along.

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