Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Let the Games Begin

I'm eagerly anticipating the Beijing Olympics for a completely abnormal reason. I'm more interested in the potential for unexpected events which could disrupt the planned ones and potentially prove embarrassing for a country which should never have been awarded the games in the first place.

Where to begin...

Acts of God

Acts of Assailants

Airborne Particulates

Human Rights Violations

And of course, the Propaganda Panda.
On the ever-sensitive subjective of political protests, visitors are warned in no uncertain terms that protests on any subject from politics, to the environment and animal rights will not be tolerated.


Then again, few other Olympic cities have such an overt approach to propaganda work. Red banners have sprouted all over the city in recent days exhorting citizens to show their enthusiasm - and their obedience to the Party line.

"I participate, I contribute and I enjoy," a banner at the entrance to one of the parks set aside for "protest pens" at the Games reads. "Welcome Olympic Games with joyfulness and construct a harmonious society," says the banner at the other entrance.

But wait; there's more. Let's throw in the entire Bush family just to really ratchet things up a notch.

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