Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'm NOT the LEAST Bit Gay...

I just love having sex with gay guys.

That seems to be the prevailing attitude among many men in Mexico.
“I have never felt that I am homosexual because I have never let them make love to me,” said Eduardo, reflecting an oft-heard sentiment in Mexico and using language that suggested the possibility of other partners. “It’s the opposite. I penetrate. I have never liked it being done to me.” Still, he did not want to be identified further because of fear he might be stigmatized as a homosexual.

Oh, I'm glad we got that cleared up. As long as you just fuck men or let them suck you, then you're still completely 100% straight.

I'm not bashing Mexicans in denial. This is obviously common in any culture where machismo is ingrained which unfortunately includes most of the world. But it will be nice when we, as a group of humans, can move beyond this mentality. Above all else, it equates homosexuals as lesser beings who can still serve the purpose of allowing a straight macho man to empty his load into us for pleasure while he remains in a higher social strata.

Very convenient.

My favorite character from the New York Times article is the 69-year-old married man who is having an affair with a younger transwoman.
He arranges his visits to Yessica on one of two cellphones he carries to keep his life in order: one is for his wife, who lets out occasional homophobic comments and who he says would leave him in a minute if she discovered what was going on; the other is for his occasional lover, who is physically male but feels trapped inside a body that is not his own.


As for his sexual orientation, the older man with the secret life declared, “I’m not the least bit gay.”

His wife might disagree.

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