Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Planet Green

I learned about a new cable network under the Discovery umbrella at work and tonight we're watching it.

There are some stupid wasteful people on the planet in case you didn't know. These people in the program we're watching tonight are classics. They do stupid shit like leaving the refrigerator door open while doing something else with something that came out of the fridge and will go back into it later. Why exert the effort to reopen the door four minutes later.

txrad says they are lazy and he is correct.

God, how can people be so stupid.

txrad just got some cheese out of the fridge to grate for the veggie burgers and he closed the door. I asked him why he didn't leave it open while he was grating cheese since he was going to put the cheese back in there. I got no response.

It's quite amazing just how stupid people can be.

Especially when they have a 9,000 square foot house. And eight modes of transportation for four people.

Jesus H. Christ.

Their fuel bill is about $15,000 per year! What the fuck? Oh, I need some chewing gum. Be right back. Seven miles for a one-dollar purchase. Go figure.

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