Thursday, August 21, 2008

Water Conservation Part 2

Last month I posted about our water bill and the monthly usage, and I made a pledge to reduce it during the upcoming month. I didn't do everything I considered, such as keeping buckets at the shower to catch the cold water until it warms up, but I did consistently turn the water off to a trickle while shampooing and conditioning.

Here are the statistics:

6/12 - 7/14: 3,400 gallons at a cost of $10.61.
7/14 - 8/12: 2,700 gallons at a cost of $8.91.

The cost savings doesn't put a meal on the table but the important thing is that we saved about 700 gallons in one month. Imagine if everyone in drought-stricken areas did this.

The city of Austin charges the lowest rates for water based on the first 2,000 gallons. Basically 93-cents per thousand. Anything over 2,000 gallons the rates jumps to $2.43 per thousand. And I suspect there are higher rates at some other thresholds as there should be.

I would like to reduce by another 700 gallons and see if we can keep our consumption just under the 2,000 gallon per month level. At that point our monthly water bill would be less than $2.00 vs. the $9 to $10 which we average. That most definitely would buy us a meal.

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