Saturday, August 02, 2008

Random Saturdayness

Just a few updates. Although I miss my old job downtown, being in the hustle and bustle of the city, and working in the shadows of these overpriced condos....

...I'm still glad I made the job change. I have completed week #2 of the job at home and it hardly seems possible that two weeks have passed. It's pretty obvious I haven't had the time during the day to blog like I had hoped I would. I'm sure there will be days here and there when I can squeeze one in, and I can always get one up before I start work at 8:30.

Today I haven't been able to sit still long enough to post about anything. I used my energy to get the kitchen cleaned up a bit, and cleaned off a ton of crap which had accumulated under various magnets on the side of the refrigerator. Why do people do that? The death penalty should only apply to people who use magnets for marketing gimmicks. Realtors especially. I will grant an exception to the ones sent out by the Mens Underwear Store.

I also got a lot of overdue personal business done today, shuffled some paperwork, etc. What's really clawing at me is my home office. I have never seen such clutter. It looks like a junk room because basically.... it is. And now that it has become my real office, I need to change some things. I have to feel comfortable in here. I also need things organized. And I think I want to swap places with txrad... move his desk where mine is and move mine to the back of the room. It'll be enough of a change to make me feel rejuvenated.

Some of these home improvement projects need to get wrapped up so I can move on. It was a year ago last week when our house had some minor flooding which required carpets to be ripped up. I started painting and then we had new carpet put in. After a break of several months we resumed with the exterior work on the house: roof, windows, and painting. That's 99% finished but we are waiting on a representative from the window manufacturer to come check on a window in the bedroom which isn't properly fitted.

There's also some unfinished sealing around the windows which needs to be done and I'm going to be doing some touching up here and there on the painting, both the interior and the exterior. I just want this finished and not have the feeling that any workers are still coming over. This has been going on since May and I need closure.

We love the windows so much that we haven't even put the window shades back up yet. However, the fact that the window shades are sitting around on the floor is starting to weigh on my nerves a bit. They are screaming "unfinished business" and I've heard just about enough of that one.

But back to the job situation. I'm enjoying it far more than I expected and feeling pretty good about my decision. It's quite nice to shut down for the day and realize I'm already home. It'll be nicer when home doesn't resemble chaos.

I need to get back to my minimalist vibe. Less is more.

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