Sunday, August 03, 2008

Goat Mayhem

Our weekend certainly ended with some excitement. We have suspected the lesbians next door had two goats since we can hear them sometimes from our back patio. The goats managed to get out and decided to make a stop on our front patio this afternoon.

I acted as goat herder while txrad ran next door to alert them of the great goat escape.

Within a matter of minutes one of the neighbors came around with txrad to fetch the goats, and we had a nice getting-to-know-you chat for about 30 minutes. We've lived here almost 11 years; it's about time we met a neighbor!

I was a bit nervous about opening the door to walk out there. I didn't want them to run off before I could snap a picture. Fat chance. They're like puppies! (Puppies with devil horns!)

The roses were especially attractive to them although we throw out food scraps and there was plenty to keep them entertained. But they kept returning to the roses.

Thorns! YUM!

As it turns out, the keepers of these goats are entertaining the idea of finding another home for them since they don't have so much natural food in their yard. And txrad is apparently entertaining the notion of taking them up on the offer. I have a feeling we'd need to fence in our back patio to protect roses, hibiscus, basil, and whatever else we don't want eaten to the ground. They are cute though. I would rather have chickens; at least they lay eggs. I suppose I could milk a goat though.

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