Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gettin' Ziggy With It

We had a pretty good rain this afternoon which made a mess of Ziggy’s web. (I've never named a spider until today.)

I present you with Ziggy Stardust. (I don't know if he's male or female, but were we really that sure about Bowie in the 70s?)

Ziggy was busy rebuilding the web until I got out there with the camera and then he just started bouncing up and down, not really working on anything like he had been. There is no wind in this video. All the leaves you see moving are from his bouncing on the web which is attached to various nearby leaves.

Much of the noise you hear in the background is from the cats chomping on food.

After I shot the video, I came inside to take a shower. When I went back out, the zig-zag web feature had returned. That was fast.

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